General and cancellation policy as recommended by the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Association.

General Information 
You and the hotel can make your own agreement on the terms of the stay. If there are no special terms agreed upon, the regulations in this folder apply – as well as those recognized internationally. Some hotels have other terms for arrival and departure, as well as for payment and cancellations. The hotels’ own terms are valid under the condition that you have received information about them in connection to your reservations. It is therefore important that you carefully read the information you receive from the hotel. There are separate regulations pertaining to conferences and other special events. 

Reservations and Confirmation 
A reservation is binding when it has been confirmed. This agreement can be done verbally or in writing, such as via email. You and the hotel have then entered into an agreement. Although, under certain circumstances, it is possible to cancel - please read under “Cancellation and Failure to Arrive”. When making a reservation, you are required to give your name, address, arrival and departure dates, as well as form of payment.

Arrival and Departure 
The hotel room is at your disposal from 3 pm at the latest on the date of arrival. You are required to check-out from your room by 12:00 noon at the latest on the day of departure. 

Late Arrivals
The room is held until 6 pm on the date of arrival. If you intend to arrive later, you must inform the hotel in advance in order to not risk losing your room to another guest. 

Cancellations and Failure to Arrive 
It is custom in the hotel business to accept a cancellation of a hotel room. The following regulations apply: 

 - The cancellation is to be made by 6 pm at the latest on the day before agreed arrival. If you fail to arrive without having cancelled, or cancel later than 6 pm the day before, you must pay for one night.
 -  If the hotel has incurred extra costs due to your cancellation, you must pay for these costs in full.Earlier Departures 
If you have made a reservation for a definite time period, but depart before the end of that period, you are required to pay the same amount as for a late cancellation. In addition to the price for the time you stayed at the hotel, you are required to pay for an additional night. 

Undetermined Length of Stay 
If you are staying at the hotel for an undetermined length of time, and extend your stay one night at a time, you must inform the hotel of your departure by 6 pm at the latest the day before your departure. Otherwise, you are required to pay for an additional night. If the hotel can no longer allow you disposal of the room, you have the right to be informed by 6 pm at the latest the day before departure. 

Obligations of the Hotel 
If the hotel cannot offer you a room according to agreement, you have the right, at no additional cost, to a room of equal or better quality at the same hotel or at another hotel of equivalent quality.

The hotel bill is to be paid when you receive it, which is when you arrive at the hotel. We accept credit cards as VISA, MasterCard, American Express and swedish cash. Hotel City Gävle reserves the right to change the rate.

Storage of Valuables and Baggage 
Upon arrival and departure, do not leave your baggage unattended in the hotel lobby. The hotel can offer to store your baggage in a locked baggage room. The hotel only takes responsibility for your property if it is stored in one of the hotel’s locked areas, such as a baggage room. 
Valuable property 
If you have highly valuable property, you are required to inform the hotel of this when you hand over your baggage or other property to the hotel for storage. The hotel is not obliged to store highly valuable property and is only liable to compensate for the full value of the property in those cases in which the hotel has taken responsibility for the property. 

The right to retain accompanying baggage 
According to law, the hotel has the right to, in the case of claims on a guest, retain accompanying baggage, and in certain cases, according to stipulated regulations, sell it.

Your own Safety

You should always find out where emergency exits, alarm boxes and fire extinguishers are located. This information is available on the inside of your hotel room door and in the reception. Visita and the Swedish Fire Protection Association have in cooperation put together the information folder “Hotel Safety”. Please read it – for your own safety. If you discover any lacks in safety, we urge you to inform the reception immediately.For security reasons, we have surveillance cameras in the public areas in our facility.

General and cancellation policy for groups, events,  wedding and conference bookings according to the  established rules of Visita.

1. A valid contract for booking group / conference / course / weddings or other events, meeting the same day written confirmation occurred from Hotel City Gävle.

2. No later than four weeks prior to the beginning of the customer must leave the Hotel City Gavle, indicating the number of participants and hotel and conference facilities.

3. No later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the Purchaser shall submit Hotel City Gävle participants with arrival and departure. At the same time, the customer must submit applications and data on the equipment and furnishing desired. This shall also include times for meals. Available requests for special arrangements such as changed meal times, a la carte dinner or other activity, we are grateful for this no later than two weeks before.

4. Cancellation later than four weeks before the event the Customer shall reimburse Hotel City Gävle with 75% of the contract price, all to the extent that the premises could not be re-sold.

5. Cancellation later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the Customer shall fully indemnify Hotel City Gävle the contract price, all, however, to the extent that the premises could not be re-sold.

6. Hotel City Gävle incurred costs or expenses resulting from the cancellation or reduction, this shall be reimbursed in full by the purchaser.

7. The client has to settle the invoiced amount within 10 days from the invoice date. Penalty interest is withdrawn in case of delay of payment.

8. The Purchaser is against Hotel City Gävle responsible for complete control of all costs under 

9. If the cost of acquisition or provision of the agreed goods and services would increase as a result of increased taxes, devaluation, government decisions or similar circumstances, Hotel City Gävle entitled to impose surcharges that corresponds to the cost increase. Hotel City Gävle shall promptly inform the client of the price surcharge.

10. Strikes, lockouts, fire, substantial restrictions on supplies or other circumstances outside the Hotel City Gävle control entitle Hotel City Gävle to cancel the contract without any obligation to pay damages.

11. Hotel City Gävle is towards the originator fully responsible for commitment under the agreement.

12. Ordered room can generally be appropriated from about 15:00 the first day.

13. Hotel City Gävle have full liquor rights, which means that your own packed liquor only can be consumed in the hotelroom.

14. Hotel City Gävle is responsible for possible price changes.
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